Hindu Economic Forum Of Australia

"Dharmasya Moolam Arthah”
(Economy is strength)

A platform to bring together various elements of Hindu community – Industrialists, Businesses, Traders, Bankers, Investors, Technocrats, Professionals, Economists, Academicians and Thought Leaders – in self-organizing groups to enable their collective growth and success.


Hindu Economic Forum of Australia (HEF) aims to provide a framework for ‘local to global’ connectivity for resources, opportunities, partnerships and know-how. 
HEF Australia will enable the Australian Hindu community to rapidly progress and strongly contribute to the economic growth of the state.


To create a business fraternity Of Hindus in South Australia, who shall endeavor to make a prosperous society by creating and sharing of wealth & knowledge, in line with the HEF Mission of “Create wealth with 100 hands and share  with 1000 hands”


“Grow Together. Share Together”


“Create wealth with 100 hands, and share with 1000 hands.”

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